Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cancer Cure: IV Vitamin C Curing Cancer and Infections.

The Health Show.

Dr.Thomas Levy is a board-certified Cardiogist and author. He is an expert on vitamin C.

” TV Host, author and researcher Sal DiBella host The Health Show, featuring interviews with doctors and researchers on the latest developments in cancer treatment. Sal DiBella research on alternative cancer treatments is compiled in his book “60 Doctors talk about the Cure and Prevention of Cancer.” The Health Show features interviews with doctors and researchers from the book, as well as new developments in cancer research. The Health Show is one of the most compilations of interviews on this topic, straight from the doctors and researchers with those exciting and sometimes controversial treatments. Episode topics include traditional and alternative treatments, preventative treatment, diet and lifestyle choices, the mind and body connection, and many more. (cancer can be cured)

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1:25 About Dr. Levy and how he started with Vitamin C and how it effects your body to create health .

13:15 We talked about a dairy farmer Alan Smith who had swine flue, and cancer the hospital wanted to pull the plug on his life support system. His family fought the hospital to give him IV Vitamin C.

33:02 I asked him about a friend of mine that had cancer. After an operation she developed an infection and was cancer free but died of the infection. Could the IV Vitamin C get rid of her infection at that time?

47:35 He talked about Vitamin C and how it cured polio.

51:30 He talk about Dr. Klenner curing acute hepatitis, encephalitis, rheumatic fever, with Vitamin C.

51:49 Since he is also an attorney I asked him Legally do we have any rights in the U S to demand IV High dose Vitamin C ?

54:03 We talked about any side effects taking IV High dose Vitamin C.

57:38 We talked about a doctor in Cherry Hill NJ that is giving IV Vitamin C to lung cancer patients and putting them into remission.

1:03:53 We spoke about the Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C. Is it as good as the IV Vitamin C.?

1:06:44 Does IV High dose Vitamin C work with all cancers.?

We talk about root canal, cancer and heart attacks and toxins.

1:12:32 Tuberculosis and Vitamin C.?

1:14:45 We talked about the benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C .

1:17:15 We talked about Vitamin K1 & K2.

1:22:52 Dr. Levy talks about what in his books.

Cancer Cure: IV Vitamin C Curing Cancer and Infections.