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ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT EBOLA? Probably cause you don’t have much SCIENTIFIC DATA TO GO ON!!! Tonight @ 8 pm EST, we will be talking about this with Dr Maxwell Nartey Dhm DSym of Symptometry: Originator of Root Cause Therapeutics.

347. 205.9089 is the call in & below is just A LITTLE BIT of the fire that Dr Nartey brings to the table as a food scientist of over 30 years.

Below is a lecture by Dr. Maxwell Nartey, he is the founder of Symptometry and the American School of Symptometry. This lecture is to set the record straight about the Ebola virus outbreak. This explanation is not anywhere on the internet however, this is verifiable science and Symptometry is all about facts. These discoveries are not taught in medical schools therefore, physicians or non western trained physicians are unaware of the totality of these facts. All aboard……..



Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DSym, professor of Symptometry

American School of Symptometry

The Ebola virus

Ebola is a very selective forest virus. It only targets individuals who have its growth factors. These factors include lots of sugars, saturated fat, hydrocyanic acid, absence or low level of cobalt, thiamine and vitamin C in the tissues and very alkaline blood. Ironically, it is these growth factors that will make its toxin very virulent.

Ice cream and sodas have lots of sugars. Nuts have hydrocyanic acid and saturated fat. Chocolate, M&Ms and chocolate ice cream have saturated fat, strong sugars and ammonium hydroxide. Ammonium hydroxide makes blood very alkaline.

Ebola does not target pigmies, Bushmen and other indigenous forest dwellers in the Amazon forest, in Papua New Guinea, etc. It does not also target primates and forest animals because these forest dwellers do not feed on nuts, chocolate, and ice cream; and they do not drink sodas, alcohol, etc. Additionally, they have more muscle than saturated fat.

Humans, especially those who live in the rural areas close to the forest and have the Ebola growth factors, will become perfect Ebola targets.

Doctors and nurses who treat Ebola victims must make sure their blood is not too alkaline, they do not eat ice cream, nuts, pork and chocolate products; and they do not drink sodas and alcohol.

Also, they must have a high level of cobalt, thiamine and vitamin C in their tissues. If they do not fulfill these requirements, they could fall victim to Ebola.

Method of transmission

Ebola gets into a person through the nose or through the mouth. However, it will not infect the host unless he or she has its growth factors. A doctor, a nurse or a healthcare worker who has its growth factors will increase their chances of infection.

Pigmies, gorillas, etc. drink contaminated water all the time but Ebola does not infect them because they do not have its growth factors.

Symptoms of Ebola

Symptoms of Ebola vary from victim to victim. However, the common symptoms of Ebola infection are:

• Sore throat followed by very dry throat

• Fever

• Dry and tickling cough that releases the virus into the air. This is why Ebola victims are quarantined.

• Dehydration causing severe thirst and skin rash

• Indigestion causing stomach cramps and pain

• Loss of appetite

• Diarrhea in some; dysentery in others. All Ebola victims are quarantined so that their body fluids and wastes are not emptied into a stream or into a river thus increasing the possibility of infecting others

• Nausea

• Vomiting. Vomit from an Ebola victim must be properly disposed of and all equipments that are used in an Ebola facility must be sterilized.

• Severe headache

• Weakness or exhaustion

In order to survive an Ebola attack, Symptometry recommends that the victim should be de-wormed without delay so that the virus no longer has a staging area, a sanctuary and a macrophage in their body.

Also, foods that are high in sugar, citric acid, oxalic acid, cyanide, hydrocyanic acid and saturated fat should be avoided. Cobalt, vitamin C and thiamine should be taken daily.

A person who had giardiasis before he or she was infected by Ebola will die quickly. This is because the protozoon called giardia causes symptoms similar to those of Ebola. It is a blood test that will differentiate Ebola from giardiasis.

In order to prevent Ebola outbreaks in the future, all the carcasses in the forest will have to be buried or burned. It is unburied and unburned flesh that gives spontaneous existence to DNA and RNA viruses. Ebola should never be a mystery virus. Just avoid its growth factors.

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