Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Go From an Unnatural Hair Color to Blonde (Vitamin C method)

How To Go From an Unnatural Hair Color to Blonde (Vitamin C method)

Ever dyed your hair a crazy color and wanted it back to blonde without damaging it? Well, then this video is for you. This is the method I use to get my hair white blonde after I’ve dyed it pink, red, or any other color like that c:

The measurements~


2,500mg vitamin C powder or 2-3 tablets of the Redoxon Vitamin C brand I bought from Walmart.


40-50ml of any shampoo will work, but anti-dandruff shampoo will work the best due to it’s harshness.

Mix this all together and leave it in your WET hair for about 2 hours.

It won’t damage your hair, but you may want to deep condition your hair after this to make it extra soft.


Clairol Professional Soy 4 Plex: High Lift Neutral Blonde 12N HL-N

The ratio of developer to toner is 2:1. For every one amount of toner, you’ll use two of those same amounts for developer.

Leave the toner in for 30-45 minutes and wash yo hair~



If you have to do any of these steps a second or third time, that’s completely fine. Hair can be very uncooperative sometimes.

Also, this method will only work (when trying to get platinum blonde) if your hair was already blonde underneath the hair dye. The Vitamin C method only takes out the hair dye, it’s the toner that “dyes” your hair blonde.

ANYWHO. May all your hair endeavors be successful :D

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How To Go From an Unnatural Hair Color to Blonde (Vitamin C method)

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