Thursday, December 11, 2014

Can Ebola Be Cured With Vitamin C?

Can Ebola Be Cured With Vitamin C?

Diagnosing Ebola is not especially easy for doctors. Depending on how far along the symptoms are during initial testing, it can be further complicated by other similar tropical illnesses which replicate matching signs and symptoms to over a dozen other …
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Be thankful: Despite what you might think, it"s not all that bad

Violent crime has been dropping most years for two decades now. Same with property crimes, high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, drunken driving deaths and auto thefts. Believe it or not, good trends are out there for the harvesting this Thanksgiving.
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"Your Blood Tested Positive for Ebola. I Am Sorry."

After coming down with the deadly virus herself, she spent two harrowing weeks getting treatment in isolation wards. … Knowing that Mr. Sawyer had recently arrived from Liberia, the doctor asked if he had been in contact with an Ebola patient in the …
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Can Ebola Be Cured With Vitamin C?

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